Sunday, July 05, 2009

rare beasts and you... glimpses afforded in motel rooms... folk punk mornings

I am proud to announce that the Plaza Classic Film Festival, a special project of the El Paso Community Foundation, will present a premiere screening of my film motel, glimpse on Saturday, August 8, at 10 pm.

This should be a lot of fun. Co-director/co-writer Zach Passero and I plan to be in attendance. It promises to be some kind of outlandish to-do. The protagonists gussied up and elevated in strange standstill dance. Miscreants and wanderers connected literally and/or figuratively to the making of motel, glimpse, as well as the lives therein lived. Perhaps you might be in attendance too? motel, glimpse will be part of very unique double feature. At 7:30 this same night, Zach curates a screening of one of our very favorite films. The film in question is a secret, but I’ll say that it was released in 1971 and is very much a kind of spiritual and aesthetic predecessor to motel, glimpse. A certain existential art-house dramic odyssey for the drive-in movie theaters.

[Update: the other half of this double-feature is Two Lane Blacktop, directed by Monte Hellman. Two Lane Blacktop is an evocative, surreal little classic, featuring genuinely weird performances by a young, brooding James Taylor and the enigmatic Dennis Wilson. The highlight performance is an amped up and gonzo-minded thing by legend Warren Oates, one of my favorite actors.]

Check out the festival website page for motel, glimpse. There will be great classic flicks throughout the 10-day festival. Check out the Plaza Classic Film Festival website for information on film titles, schedule, tickets and directions.

There are very few finer road trips than the ones into El Paso. Land vibrations. Outlaws. Unidentified flying objects that may or may not be eyes coming in out of the desert and sky. Make an adventure of it. El Paso is a beautiful city, artful and storied, very dear to my heart. As such, I am delighted to screen our fresh baked movie there.

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