Saturday, March 20, 2010

"In the end, life is a private act." -- Lola Scobey

Updates from a Screamfest mixer...
"In attendance for the industry mixer (which was sponsored by Rachel Belofsky’s horror film festival Screamfest LA, which runs this year October 8 through 17 at Manns 6 at Hollywood and Highland in Hollywood, CA) were...Wicked Lake alumni Zach Passero, Justin Stone and Luke Thompson..."
As for Zach Passero, the director of the 2008 Fever Dreams/Media Blasters release Wicked Lake, he had some interesting news. It seems the filmmaker was given the opportunity to re-cut the entire flick, and he handed me off a copy of the director’s cut, which in the interim I’ve screened. Passero’s take is a completely different animal and realizes great steps in humanizing the film’s characters by eschewing much of the original cut’s exploitative elements for a more artistic and thoughtful approach. This edit is markedly more coherent and grittier than the original release and features improved pacing and a score which is complimentary to the narrative.
There is no word yet, however, on when we’ll see a DVD or Blu-Ray release of what is being titled Wicked, Wicked Lake, and the call I put in to one of the film’s producers this morning only yielded news of shifting release schedules. April is a possibility, I was told, and one can only hope as Passero’s Wicked, Wicked Lake is a welcome thing and suggests his talent for greater work."
Justin Stone, Zach Passero and Luke Y. Thompson inspire dread...


In other news, motel, glimpse, the Ozark gut-comedy dreamtime movy Zach and I created, ought to soon be available for purchase, rent or download. Stay tuned, nobody. You are alone, you are surrounded by a world. You are hairy, prone to laugh.

I been keeping me at arm's length. Making what might be called the opposite of a name for myself in TV. Completing my "bible of one-liners for awkward situations." Like a cross between Twitter and the Dark Ages. Like a cross between Facebook and a Russian penitentiary. Phone call from a solar storm. Maybe a podcast. Somebody keeps saying "franchise" and I'm hopeful but also nervously unsettled. Like my mom always says:
"Take a shower, try again."
"There's only so many knocks against you."
First day of spring, Chicken! Get some swings in. Throw the ball around. Certain injuries may make a spot available for you up in Double-A.