Sunday, June 13, 2010

Justin Stone's Rookie Night Radio Theater

Justin Stone's Rookie Night radio theatrical experiment continues unabated over at Tonight, Sunday June 13th, sees the debut of Episode Three, the Very Special Rock & Roll Show. Wear your finest ears. Muss up your hair and jawline. Stop talking at yourself and changing the channels on every available surface in the known world for one little hour. Let us polish your expectant brain.

Following the Sunday night premiere, Episode Three will then re-run on Wednesday night. Every week this happens. Although I am trying to get a new episode out every Sunday, it is playing out to be more like every other Sunday. This experiment requires a goodly amount of detail and attention. But we are getting better. We are lighting candles, burning off the smell. The lights are appropriately low. Tune in tonight, see what you have been missing.

Rookie Night -- for what most things are not.

The Rookie Night radio theater broadcast schedule, this and every week:

8 pm pacific
9 pm mountain
10 pm central
11 pm eastern

10 pm pacific
11 pm mountain
Midnight central
1 am eastern

You may find details, contact information and more at