Tuesday, September 07, 2010

"Long" -- a song collaboration with Ben Boyer

I've posted the demo of a song called "Long" over at Justin Stone and the Sea of Tuscumbia. "Long" started life as a lovely, urgent instrumental by Ben Boyer, who is one of good taste's last great hopes. As well, Ben is one of my primary spiritual benefactors; he sent the instrumental my way, asking if I might write and sing a song over it. What a gift! A story was composed.

I'd been holding back this admittedly lo-fi demo for a little while, but I've decided now to post it up. Too many good things get lost. What is a museum unused? And all I am is lo-fi. Find your headphones, headspace.

As an added bonus at the Sea of Tuscumbia I've also posted a cover my song "Ketchikan" by Ben. When I heard his version of "Ketchikan" I wept. No finer compliment than to have the work re-imagined by a good soul. I want folks to hear this song.

I highly recommend listening to more of Ben Boyer's music over here. He is one of my favorite voices, be it in song, literature or person.