Tuesday, September 04, 2007

wind figures, wind ships

I do not do this enough, but I need to say these things, put the word out. And so . . .

Soon I will act in INHERIDANCE, the new film by Kevin Ford of Mo-Freek Productions. Can't wait for this. It is a charming, funny, love & friend movie. I will work alongside great actors Jesse Hlubik, Angela Bettis, Lucky McKee and my sister Lindsay Stone, among others.

I have a small, funny role in a very funny movie that is nearing completion, titled (last I heard) HOMECOMING: THE MOVIE. The movie is directed by a cool, talented fella named Ben Lamb, who also happens to be from Missouri. There seems to be a number of us out here! You will laugh heartily at Ben's movie. I expect it to play festivals next year, and it will certainly get distributed.

I will direct another film soon. It is called TURTLE. My good friend and fellow mid-Missourian/School of the Osage Indian James (Jim) Brown wrote this epic story, based very much on his own life, and I had the pleasure of crafting the screenplay with him. It is an amazing piece of work. Honest. Funny. Real. The likes of this movie ain't nobody seen. James and my sister, Lindsay Stone, will play the leads.

Numerous screenplays are written and are writing. Some good stuff. Some surprises just for you. New cinema.

As well I have recently written a bunch of new songs. I have not recorded them, and am still refining the lot of them, but I'm very happy with these. I've gotten to a more lyrical, less edge-of-the-nerves place with the songs. Slowly finding a unique voice. This one's labor intensive! I look forward to them being heard. On this same front, my good friend Johnny Pfirman, currently of the band RADAR RADAR in Austin, Texas, recently recorded a song that he and I wrote together many years ago called DROPSY. To hear this song come around, cross the years, and find home recently in my ears was a revelation. A validation. The poetry come to fruition, life, in a way I have not often seen with my work. It is a love story. One song, sure, but it is something else. An epic 8 minutes, a few hundred years. Thank you, Johnny.

I am working on it, friends. It took me a while to come around, to get back here, but the distance traveled was valuable. Hand to mouth on a long arm. There is momentum. I feel blessed, eager. I thank you for your support.

faith, hope & love,
justin david stone