Wednesday, January 30, 2008

motel, glimpse ~ my cinema

Old Tyme Zach Passero is doing some sweet work on the official motel, glimpse website. New sequences, dreamscapes. You are due a visit. Go check it out: motel, glimpse website. We also have a motel, glimpse myspace page. Make friends, keep updated. If'n you like.

We are digging through the 50 hours of footage we amassed while shooting this movie, creating something new. Apocalypse Cow. We are re-imagining. I will gladly send you a DVD of the original cut (while supplies and money last) if you write me. One day, this movie will be seen in its true light. Once we see it! I am distinctly proud of it. It is something new. It seems that those who love it love it alot. And this is the finest dialogue. This flicker isn't taking so long because it is problematic, or difficult. It is not even really a movie. It is life, dream. An exploration. It takes long walks, thinks. Cracks itself up. But it comes home.

motel, glimpse will be available on DVD one day. Maybe this year. It will also be available at the ghost drive-in on the edge of that ghost town some few counties over here you heard whispers about when you were growing up from your dad's friend Mike Antonioni.

Peek a glimpse of a sequence I call "get the monkey off my back". I am playing Ready and Zach plays brother Lee. This little sequence also features great performances by Kathy Tennison, Richard Brown and Brad Allen. Many thanks to the awesome Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri shop Richard's Relic Shack for allowing us to shoot there.

On that same note, I now have a YouTube Channel. Please go and check out 1 Easy Pieces.