Friday, April 22, 2011

New song by Burnpile -- 'Coming In'

Coming In (by Burnpile) by justin stone

New song by our band Burnpile -- 'Coming In' -- featuring good friends Keith Kofoed on charango and Caroline Conroy on cello. More soon! Light a pile.

Another one of your Easter miracles....

Cousin Joey Wales, The Bunny, and Benmont Jefferson

...a glimpse of things to come...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Motel, Glimpse Special Edition DVD

A small reminder that one may purchase the Motel, Glimpse Special Edition DVD over at Tembloroso Creative Lab -- a very cool website/collective started by good friends of mine here in El Paso, Texas, truly one of the great cities of the United States. I kid you not. 'Tis a land of vibration.

Click here to go to Tembloroso's Motel, Glimpse page, where you may also glimpse the latest trailer for the movie. Over the years, there have been roughly five different versions of Motel, Glimpse, and while I miss things from each of them, the final final (for now) version on the Special Edition DVD I am quite happy with. The movie was scored by Jim Ward of the bands At The Drive-In, Sparta, and Sleepercar. As well, the Special Edition DVD features a quite long, fun outtake reel that contains a great many of the scenes that did not make the final version of the film. That reel, something we call Leftover Voodoo, offers a ride in and of itself. Also on the DVD is Episode One of Justin Stone's Rookie Night radio theatre. The DVD is only $10 and you cannot much go wrong with that. More, there will only ever be a finite number of this particular DVD edition.

As well, one may download and watch Motel, Glimpse online via Amazon's Instant Video. Click here to do just that!

So please, check it out. And if you care in the least, pass the word along to a friend. Mention the movie somewhere. Zach and I are developing a new film at this very moment, to be shot in the fall, and I think it is going to a fine surprise.