Saturday, September 18, 2010

Motel, Glimpse available via Amazon's Video On Demand

Our movie Motel, Glimpse is now available to watch by way of Amazon's video on demand service. Click here to instant watch Motel, Glimpse right now!

Of course you may still purchase the Special Edition DVD from the Motel, Glimpse website by clicking here. The Special Edition DVD comes with numerous bonus features, including a 30-minute outtake reel, the USC student short upon which Motel, Glimpse was based, and the inaugural episode of Justin Stone's Rookie Night radio theater.

You never know.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

"Long" -- a song collaboration with Ben Boyer

I've posted the demo of a song called "Long" over at Justin Stone and the Sea of Tuscumbia. "Long" started life as a lovely, urgent instrumental by Ben Boyer, who is one of good taste's last great hopes. As well, Ben is one of my primary spiritual benefactors; he sent the instrumental my way, asking if I might write and sing a song over it. What a gift! A story was composed.

I'd been holding back this admittedly lo-fi demo for a little while, but I've decided now to post it up. Too many good things get lost. What is a museum unused? And all I am is lo-fi. Find your headphones, headspace.

As an added bonus at the Sea of Tuscumbia I've also posted a cover my song "Ketchikan" by Ben. When I heard his version of "Ketchikan" I wept. No finer compliment than to have the work re-imagined by a good soul. I want folks to hear this song.

I highly recommend listening to more of Ben Boyer's music over here. He is one of my favorite voices, be it in song, literature or person.