Saturday, August 02, 2008

Summer of Dog Days

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July 31: WICKED LAKE director talks next features & more

Director Zach Passero, of the new gonzo shocker WICKED LAKE (pictured, and hitting DVD October 7 from Media Blasters), got in touch with Fango to give us the lowdown on what he’s currently cooking up. “I have two genre scripts that I’m trying to get moving,” he tells us. “One is a psychedelic biker flick—a strange genre-bender with some horror elements. The other one is just weird, heartfelt fun—something special that [LAKE and THE LOST actor] Justin Stone and I are working on.” In addition, the El Paso, TX-based filmmaker reveals, “By the time WICKED LAKE hits DVD, my other feature film MOTEL, GLIMPSE, which I co-directed with Stone [before WICKED rolled], should be completed. I’m finishing up postproduction on it.”

WICKED LAKE co-producer/co-scripter Chris Sivertson, who employed Passero as an assistant cameraman on THE LOST, also threw his hat into the MOTEL, GLIMPSE ring, lensing the last half of the film, in which Passero and Stone also star. The former describes the flick as “a ’70s-throwback, drug-freakout road movie with some healthy psychedelia thrown in. It’s a man-child waiting to hit the eyes of the masses. I’m ready to make another movie, though. I’ve learned my lessons [from WICKED LAKE] and now I’m itching to take things further. I’ve got big plans.” You can check out LAKE’s official website here and see our set-visit story in Fango #277, on sale in September. —Sean Decker