Sunday, July 07, 2024

BY THE RIVER streaming on Tubi

Cool news! Kevin Ford's neat 2015 documentary BY THE RIVER is now streaming free on Tubi. The story features Ellar Coltrane (Boyhood) on a timely journey. I appear in the film, and Ellar reads from my early poetry collection Creekbed Lullaby throughout. My poetry's never been published or otherwise gotten much attention, so Ellar's provocative readings are deeply gratifying. I don't enjoy watching myself on film/video, but I recently rewatched the film and was moved by the entire endeavor Kevin and Ellar imbued with literature, life, and love. Moreover, the film is lifted by the lovely score of Tim Rutili (Califone, Red Red Meat). Many friends appear. A sweet, thoughtful work. Check it out!

 Click here to watch BY THE RIVER on Tubi now.