Sunday, May 16, 2010

LEGS -- a new movie from Kevin Ford & Eddie Steeples

Mo-Freek’s new feature - LEGS - is about a rock star in peril. This movie by Kevin Ford is now in the works and features Eddie Steeples, Angela Bettis, Tasha Guevara, Justin Stone, Jesse Hlubik, Tim Rutili, and many more…
Kevin Ford is one of my favorite people, a wonderful person and artist, and it is a blast to work with him and a great crew of individuals. This is going to be a fun flick. Check out the numerous projects at Mo-Freek and Freek Speek.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Justin Stone's Rookie Night radio show roll-out...

A new radio show. For the mid-night denizen, the peaked owls, the lost, the hopeful, the crooked of tooth. The voice of Dead Shirt, Florida.

Rookie Night world premiere takes place Sunday night, May 16, 2010. Get bruised.

You may tune in to the always interesting Freekradio at, where you may find numerous ways to listen, via app, iTunes, streaming, etc.

Justin Stone's Rookie Night broadcast schedule:

8 pm pacific
9 pm mountain
10 pm central
11 pm eastern

10 pm pacific
11 pm mountain
Midnight central
1 am eastern

Rookie Night, Episode One is now playing.

What we would like to have happen is new episodes play every Sunday, and then re-run on Wednesday. But it is difficult to know what exactly is coming out of Dead Shirt. Something will air every Sunday and Wednesday at Freekradio.

Eventually every episode will also be available as downloadable podcast. Stay tuned.

Come on down to the county fair at