Monday, February 11, 2008

THE LOST by Chris Sivertson

Chris Sivertson’s movie THE LOST is available on DVD as of today, March 18. I play the role of Ken Wellman, and am featured in the film’s final act. If you like your psychological thrillers surreal & intense & unsettlingly funny, this one’s for you. Everything about the movie (based on the novel by Jack Ketchum) -- the performances, narrative, photography, music -- is way out there. But let me stress that it is directed with precision. There’s a method at work. There’s not a movie quite like it. Anchor Bay is releasing the movie "not rated" (NR). So. Not for the faint. (Like myself!)

Good performances in THE LOST include Marc Senter (who will be long remembered for this break-out lead role of Ray Pye), Shay Astar (3RD ROCK), Robyn Sydney (EVIL BONG), Megan Henning (7TH HEAVEN), Alex Frost (ELEPHANT, DRILLBIT TAYLOR), Michael Bowen (KILL BILL, JACKIE BROWN), Dee Wallace-Stone (E.T., CUJO), Jesse Hlubik (SICK GIRL, MAY), Katie Cassidy (BLACK CHRISTMAS, DALLAS), Shelli Merrill (SATURN RETURNS), Erin Brown (SICK GIRL), Ed Lauter (CUJO), Richard Riehle (PALINDROMES, HATCHET) and kick-ass Eddie Steeples (MY NAME IS EARL). A highlight performance is that by an up-and-comer named Tess Passero.

Another highlight of this movie is the music work done by Tim Rutilli. Tim’s band CALIFONE is one of my favorite bands, and he brings a soul to this picture that is so fine. This is a guy I’d be happy to have work on my movies from now til the end of time.

Click here to watch The Lost international trailer on youtube. (warning: Adult Content)

You might get more info at THE LOST myspace page here.

You might check out the Amazon page here. The DVD ought to be available at most buying/renting outfits.