Saturday, July 20, 2019

They Once Had Horses

The cool team behind the upcoming holiday horror film anthology DEATHCEMBER have released some images from "They Once Had Horses," a dark western written and directed by Lucky McKee (May, The Woman) in which I act alongside Sean Bridgers (Deadwood, Get Shorty). It was good to perform again, stretch the mind, soul, and bones. I dove deep making this flick, way out in the middle of a cold rural canyon with a small but mightily creative crew, and I think the results work. The movie is sweet, scary, and moving. I'm excited for people to see it. You may follow DEATHCEMBER on out the Youtube, TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Gateway to the Rest

Yes, yes, yes. My short story "Gateway to the Rest" appears in the new summer issue of Eclectica Magazine, one of the most venerable online literary publications. I'm still stunned about this. I wrote the first of many drafts of this story in 2013. Since then everything and nothing has changed. I am so happy Maizy's story may be read.

You may read "Gateway to the Rest" by clicking here.

A neat coincidence is that my story and the others are accompanied by the artwork of an El Paso friend, artist/writer Belinda Subraman.

Many, many thanks to editor Tom Dooley for the keen eye, good decisions, and dynamic venue.

Another great thing is that today I also finished what might be the final draft of another long-in-process story with which I am wildly happy. Each story is completely different from the others in consciousness, point of view, universe, etc, and the new one is again something/someone singular. Hopefully I may share it soon.

The work continues.

My contributor notes may be read here.

"Justin David Stone grew up in rural southern Missouri but lives now with his wife and daughter in El Paso, Texas, a community he cherishes. 'Gateway to the Rest,' which he describes as set in a landscape between dirt realism and bruised myth, below past, present, and future, is his first publication. He holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Texas El Paso Bilingual Creative Writing Program and a BA in film/video production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. He has taught creative writing and first-year writing at UTEP. He writes novels, stories, poetry, screenplays, and songs. He wrote and directed the DIY feature Motel, Glimpse. He produced one season (so far) of the performative podcast Rookie Night Radio Theater. He's acted in numerous movies, music videos, and stage productions. He plays with prose, poetry, and comedy many places online, including Justin Stone's Creekbed."

Saturday, July 13, 2019

They Once Had Horses

Super excited to announce that I act in the forthcoming holiday horror anthology Deathcember. Click here to see the teaser trailer and read about the film's acquisition by Epic Pictures. Even better, my short is written and directed by Lucky McKee, whom I consider one of our wild eyed auteurs. Even better better, I work alongside one of our best actors, Sean Bridgers (Deadwood, Get Shorty). I think ours is a pretty, weird, moving film, and I'm glad it's coming into the world. Get up under the Christmas tree.

You may follow Deathcember on their Twitter and Facebook and probably other places I know nothing about.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Decency Defied, Eradicated (Stone's metal videos)

I play the lead role of Tattoo Collector in the graphic music video for the song "Decency Defied" by famed metal band Cannibal Corpse. Click here to watch the "uncensored" Decency Defied video on YouTube. (Warning: Not Safe For Work. Horror video.) This video was directed by Austin Rhodes and Zach Passero.

In an odd twist, I also played the weird creep in another hard-core music video, this one by the popular metal band All Shall Perish. The video is for a song called "Eradication". Click here to watch the "uncut" version of "Eradication" on YouTube. (Again, obviously: Not Safe For Work. Horror video.) This video was directed by Richie Valdez and Trevor Boyle, two really cool guys. And I am now indelibly linked to the history of death-metal.

To cleanse the palette, perhaps you will want to venture on over to a media page at Matador Records and watch the video for "Caught In The Rain" that Zach and I directed and performed in. This is a rocking, pretty song by Preston School Of Industry (sweet feller Scott "Spiral Stairs" Kannberg of Pavement). The video is now notable for the first ever appearance of me as Doug Doug. In this short film, Doug Doug leads a bordertown troupe of sad, silent clowns on an afternoon joyride into eternity. I love this video! It is one of my proudest moments. It also features one of our dearly beloved and missed Max The Pug's finest performances. Click here to watch "Caught In The Rain". You will then need to click on the "Caught In The Rain" link on this Preston School of Industry media page. It is only supported by Windows Media Player, unfortunately. I wish there were a better version of this sweet-ass video of sweet-asses online.

update: watch "Caught In The Rain" now (in low-res) on YouTube (a cool feller named farkartletsdance posted it)::::