Monday, July 12, 2010

Motel, Glimpse Special Edition DVD Available July 27

Cover artwork by Zeque Peñya
Cows sailing over the moon and needles diving up out of haystacks. The Motel, Glimpse Special Edition DVD will be available on Tuesday, July 27 from! The long-awaited is now. You may at this very moment go to the website and pre-order the DVD. Zach and I have put together a rather delicious little package for our mothers. Maybe for you too? Motel, Glimpse will also be available on Amazon, but that version will only be a bare-bones DVD package. To get your mitts on the Special Edition DVD, you may order straight from us. It comes in a purty little digipack, packaged in purty art by Zeque Peñya. Moreover, the Special Edition DVD contains some cool bonus features: a 30 minute deleted scene reel; the original 1996 Motel, Glimpse USC student film short written by me, featuring me and Zach, and shot by friend and filmmaker Chris Sivertson; and the first episode of Justin Stone's Rookie Night radio theater. The DVD will cost you $15, but that also includes shipping and handling. What a deal. The deals are hot this summer at Goongoon Chevrolet. All of you Justin Stone completists are going to want to come by some cash soon. Best pick up an extra weed-whacking gig this week; best start counting out the change you have stored in that giant Captain Morgan's bottle.

In all seriousness, Zach and I are thrilled that this years-in-the-work dreamtime movy is finally packaged up sweet and tidy, mixed and mastered, trim and beefy, surreal and real. Some of you may enjoy it. Some of you might like the ride. Some of you may in fact laugh your asses off. Believe you me, I'm long on to other stories, working on new movies, but to have this first one, this wild baby up and walking around on its's a personal landmark. If it seems like I've been talking about this movie for 10,000 years it is because I have. Some of you have seen various early versions of the movie, but you haven't seen it finished. 

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Place an order for the Special Edition DVD and watch the Motel, Glimpse trailer at 

The next leap is to be longer, higher. We have been working out, we have been meditating. Did you ever go clear? 

j stone

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Justin Stone's Rookie Night Radio Theater — the first three episodes!

Artwork by Zeque Peñya
I am going to make Episodes One, Two, and Three of Rookie Night radio theater available one week for download. Make the journey to Dead Shirt. These shows are best listened to late at night, at a remove of some sort.

Click here to download Rookie Night, Episode One. This show is approximately 52 minutes in length. May cause dizziness.

Click here to download Rookie Night, Episode Two.This show is approximately 43 minutes in length. May induce a sense of floating.

Click here to download Rookie Night, Episode Three -- "The Very Special Rock 'n' Roll Show". This show is approximately 58 minutes in length. May cause you to believe your hair is growing.

Rookie Night, Episode Four is currently airing on in the usual Wednesday and Sunday night time slots. Visit us at