Thursday, May 10, 2012

This Present Songcraft

Here are easy links to performances of new songs last fall. These bootlegs feature not so great live audio sound but nonetheless I like these videos. Special thanks to Zach Passero for documenting this show. I am looking to play more shows now. These are glimpses of but a few of the songs comprising a kind of body of work that consumed me mid through late last year, and I am proud of the content.

Ambulant's Dream
Houston Zoo >> Earthlodge
Carry Ann
The Night Old Dixie Drove Off The Road

I have other song demos posted at Justin Stone's soundcloud page, and then more (mostly older demos) posted at Justin Stone and the Sea of Tuscumbia's myspace page. Here too is the Earthlodge music video by Burnpile.

In other news, the Dead Shirt city council recently voted to buy new (and much needed!) uniforms for the co-ed softball team Dead Shirt Dusk Devils in the wake of last year's breakout season. Great job, folks. Small ball. Way to put those bunts down and move about the bases. In the same meeting the city council, on a unanimous 5-3 vote, approved the new city motto: "That no one would know." Thanks for the submission, Doug. You have a touch with glyph.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Stone, Ford, Passero

Justin Stone, Kevin Ford, Zach Passero
Photograph Kevin Ford

As Kevin said, "The Boy Band is all grown up now."