Monday, November 02, 2009

Spiral Stairs & Benmont Jefferson kiss with tongue -- the "Cold Change" music video

I appear as Benmont Jefferson in the music video for "Cold Change," a good new song by Spiral Stairs. The video, directed by Jess Carfield and shot by Chris Heinrich, is the second music video for a Spiral Stairs song in which I appear. You might remember the "Caught In The Rain" music video? No? Really? You don't remember Doug Doug? No? Nothing?? That's okay. Those were strange times. I'm not sure it actually happened. But you may find a link in this very blog, I think, and take a fresh look, and it might happen all over again, new-like, special.

Spiral is otherwise known as Scott Kannberg, and is also known as Preston School of Industry, and is also also known as a charter member of the recently reunited iconic rock n' roll band Pavement.

Benmont Jefferson is otherwise known as that guy who sleeps down there at the creek.

Update: if you prefer, you may now watch Spiral Stairs' "Cold Change" video on youtube.

Featured in the video are numerous photographs and album designs you've seen here before -- the results of my ongoing collaboration with the fine Marlena Miller.

You will also catch a nice glimpse of one of Benmont's records in the Spiral Stairs "Stolen Pills" video directed by Jess Carfield and shot by Chris Heinrich.

You may find more Benmont Jefferson over at

I am working on a number of other things over here. Life-sized models of lost civilizations, Kachina dolls, book-length prose poems. Nothing you'd care much about, I'm afraid. My back is getting worse and I'm having trouble sleeping (blog!) but most other things are doing alright. I'm trying to do good.

My apologies, Love....